Grown Alchemist is a line of scientifically-innovative skincare powered by nature and designed for results. Clean and always cruelty-free, Grown Alchemist’s plant-based formulas feature clinically-proven, good-for-skin ingredients that deliver truly radiant, healthier-looking skin. Grown Alchemist’s mission is to support everybody in reaching the biological potential of their unique skin health. The products work in synergy to restore skin function and detox to target oxidant damage, so that skin can be activated to achieve its most enhanced, youthful potential.
To improve the health of your skin cells and create the perfect environment to release your true beauty, Grown Alchemist’s skincare prescription is ordered into three sequential stages in which products are used to work synergistically: Cleanse, Detox, and Activate. Grown Alchemist focuses on the cellular level of skincare and beauty, working with the skin’s biology to create an environment in which cells can thrive. Health and function together create beauty.